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Unfinished Hardwood Floors

Unfinished hardwood floors are traditional, dating back through the centuries. With newer finish technology and the seemingly can’t be beaten finish warranties, many prefinished flooring manufactures offer, some may wonder the purpose of unfinished flooring.

Unfinished flooring offers more possibilities with color schemes. Colors run the gambit and can be created by simply getting together with an experienced floor finisher. You can even invent your own custom stain.

Getting the right stain color is imperative. A Tradition Floors will show you stain color right on your hardwood flooring, instead of depending on small samples. Why stain on a new floor? This doesn’t look right you may say. Not to worry, the stain is sanded out before the final choice is applied.

Better Overall Appearance

Unfinished hardwoods offer a seamless appearance after installation and finishing. Maintaining the appearance however is more difficult with the expansion and contraction hardwood flooring takes on with seasonal changes in relative humidity.

Not only do unfinished hardwoods offer the seamless look, but most contain longer lengths that can become obvious when comparing to mass produced prefinished hardwoods. Some smaller specialty mills can actually produce hardwood flooring identical to ones installed over 100 years ago. Their characteristics consisted mostly of long length pieces. Take a look at some older floors and you will see the difference. Seams are harder to find and smaller pieces are rarely found.

Takes Longer To Complete

Done properly, unfinished floors take much longer to complete from start to finish. Principally the finishing process takes up most of the time depending on the type of finish chosen. Compared to a prefinished floor that is virtually ready to go once installed, unfinished floors will take longer to finish depending on the job size.

More Control Is Needed Within The Work Environment

Unfinished floors need complete isolation from other activities that may be taking place within the home when the finishing process takes place. This can be as simple as vacuuming carpet on the other side of the house. During finish drying times the environment should be sterile of any airborne particles.

How About Pricing?

For the most part when considering the final cost of unfinished to prefinished they are basically similar as the labor to install and finish becomes most of the final cost. This rule applies to common hardwoods and not exotics or other styles.

A Tradition Floors carries a vast selection of unfinished hardwood flooring at our showroom The Floor Konnection

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