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When Quality and Service Matters

Restoring Hardwood Floors

At A Tradition Floors, we believe in making sure our customers are satisfied with all our systems. Hardwood floors are a large investment for a homeowner and we are confident that we provide the best products to give you the best results on your jobsite.

Existing Hardwood Flooring Restoration:

Today many are discovering what could be the showpiece of any home; beautiful hardwood floors (many times hidden) under carpet/padding. How old are they? Can they be refurbished to their original appearance?

Not only is hardwood flooring being discovered under carpet/padding, unique designs such as boarders and feature strips are being uncovered as well. Older homes offered higher quality hardwoods such as old growth and quarter sawn material.

Old growth was harvested from trees much older than what they mill today, with many areas now protected from lumbering. These types of floors show a much tighter grain pattern due to their age and the number of growth rings.

Often, the history of your floor is unknown. But its future always lies in your hands. And thankfully, there are safe and easy ways to restore your floors, and add value to your home in the process. Assessing the condition of your floor should be the first step. It will help you decide what steps to take, and how much time and energy to invest in beautifying your home.

Contact us at A Tradition Floors to help answer any questions you may have. We have 3 generations of knowledge in the hardwood flooring installation and refinishing industry.

When to Restore your Hardwood Flooring?

The first thing you should do is take stock of your floor’s condition. If your floor is dulling and has minor surface scratches (which have not penetrated to the wood itself), your floor probably just needs cleaning and a good polish. If your floor has moderate scratches, you should consider a prep & recoat combination.

It is time to sand and refinish when your floor has severe scratches, when high traffic has worn the finish down to bare wood, or when you just want to change the color or sheen of your floor.

There are several instances where you may need to replace your floor. If it is badly worn, heavily damaged or cannot be sanded again, this is a good option. Also, if you desire to change the floor’s wood specie or your flooring’s pattern, replacing the floor is the way to go.

Prep & Recoat? And How Often?

Prepping & Recoating provides a protective coat of urethane that fills in scratches, and even restores the floor’s sheen and appearance. If done every few years, the need for a complete re-sand or replacement is reduced.

Can I Replace My Floor?

If properly cared for and recoated, a wood floor may never need to be replaced. How long it takes, and what is ultimately involved depends on the floor’s condition and your vision for it.