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When Quality and Service Matters

Refinishing Hardwood Floors

When To Have Your Hardwood Flooring Refinished?

Most consumers seek a total refinish when worn or bare spots begin to appear, or scratching has become too much to handle. In some cases a color change is desired, or many just may want to change the sheen level of the finish, or convert from a waxed finish to a less troublesome maintenance type finish.

When to have the work done depends on your expectations. While most people can live with the everyday abuse wood floors get as scratches, dings, and dents lead to adding character, others prefer that sleek contemporary look. In that case, refinishing every five years may suit your needs.

How To Determine If You’re Hardwood Floors Can Be Refinished?

One key in determining how many times the floor has been refinished would be to look at the wear layer that is left on the flooring itself. The wear layer is the area above the tongue and groove. There have been different thicknesses of hardwood flooring milled over the years and their wear layers are different. To check for the current thickness, one place to look would be around removable heating register vents.

What To Expect When Refinishing My Hardwood Flooring: Dust!

Bona Sanding

Traditional hardwood floor sanding is typically an extremely dusty process - a dust-storm in the home, a clean-up headache that never ends, and a potential health risk to you. With Bona’s dust-free sanding those days are gone! Bona improves conditions on the job and sets new standards with efficient, ergonomic and dust-free sanding machines. Here you will find a complete range of machines and abrasives for the whole life-cycle of a hardwood floor.

Welcome To Dust Containment System by BonaKemi.

A Tradition Floors Inc. cares about your indoor air quality and has invested in dust containment system.

What is Dust Containment System by BonaKemi?

Dust Containment System is a complete dust free sanding system that utilizes high powered vacuums attached to the sanding equipment eliminating the dust and toxins usually associated with traditional sanding systems. This system is a powerful system, providing evacuation of the airborne dust that is generated from the sanding process.

Bona Sanding

Some of the advantages of utilizing Dust Containment System By BonaKemi are:

  • No ineffective dust covers required
  • No release of airborne plastics, toxins, allergens or debris.
  • Time saving and efficient.
  • No saturation of curtains, carpet, clothing, furnishing, etc.
  • No settlement or damage to HVAC systems (ducts or main unit).
  • No required removal of curtains, blinds, clothing, or wall decorations.
  • No staining of expensive wall coverings or faux finishes.
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GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality.

Poor dust control can and will have an effect on the final appearance of your hardwood floors, not to mention everyday health.

When Is It Safe To Move Furniture Back In?

Some finishes will take longer to cure, but friendlier water based finishes will take the least amount of time. Conditions can vary and depends on relative humidity within the home or conditions outside if you want to speed up the odor removal with an open house. A Tradition Floors Inc. can better evaluate when it is safe to do so. You may also want to ask us about area rugs and when it is safe to use them.

Refinishing hardwood floors can dramatically improve the look and longevity of a hardwood surface. But refinishing hardwood floors without the proper equipment and knowledge can cause damage. If your existing hardwood flooring looks a little tired, protect your investment and contact A Tradition Floors Inc. for more information on refinishing hardwood flooring, or to schedule a free in-home consultation.

If wear is concentrated in one area, you may be able to replace a small section of your floor. In other cases, a full sand and refinish will be the best choice. One alternative is screening, a process that removes the top layer of polyurethane and replaces it with a new coat.