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Pre-finished Hardwood Floors

The hardwood flooring industry has undergone great change in the past 50+ years, starting with the manufacturing of prefinished wood floors in the 1950's. A large part of the change has been in the continued strong growth in prefinished (factory finished) engineered flooring. Through a combination of technological and marketing wizardry, prefinished wood floors have continued to grow, increasing over 10% from last year. Oak is the most common, with maple, ash, and other exotics further down the list. This product is a solid hardwood floor and is factory sanded, stained and finished make for easier install & less down time, not to mention no on site sanding, and finishing.

With today's technology, manufacturers produce a wide variety of pre-finished floors, many stain colors, finishes, wood species, and sizes gaining much popularity. The jobsite disruption is less, and ease of installation has made this the choice of many contractors and homeowners alike. Pre-finished floors can be sanded 2 or three times after installation and use. Whether it's to change the color, make repairs or to refinish because of worn through traffic areas, pre-finished wood floors are growing in popularity. Many more wood flooring manufacturers who before did not have this product line, now finds it is a growing segment of the wood flooring industry that must be reckoned with. Many manufacturers apply multiple coats of tough urethane, UV cured finishes, and aluminum oxide finishes, making this a durable and lasting product. With proper maintenance (light sanding & apply additional coats of finish on a timely bases and good cleaning habits) these products boast 10, 15 & 20+ year warranties.

A Tradition Floors carries a vast selection of Pre-Finished Hardwood Flooring at our showroom The Floor Konnection. In fact we have one of the largest selections in Northern CA today.

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